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Many sound engineer, sound engineer when faced with an array of audio equipment, often find it difficult to operate. Here are some of the tuning operating skills, but also learn professional power amplifier knowledge essential.
The human ear is more sensitive feeling tone, it can determine whether the direct sound realistic. If handled properly on the sound, not only make the sound dull, boring, and people will also have a serious musical instrument or singing distortion and therefore can not ignore the importance of the tone processing. For the male, the majority of the relatively low voice, the lack of treble, in order to improve the clarity of the concert, generally to compensate for the frequency of 3kHz extremely; for Girls, the treble and it looks much, the sound made "sharp" To make the sound loud and clear, not too harsh, generally 400Hz frequency component of compensation.
How to regulate the reverberation time
Reverb usually determines the length of reverberation, color and clarity of the sound has a direct impact. In general, when the singing bass, you can adjust the reverberation time was shorter, in order to improve the clarity of sound; if the soprano, the reverberation time may be extended to increase the sound color. For concert venues, if the walls around the room by the wood material, then adjust the reverberation time should be smaller, so that the sound blurred; on the contrary, if the room is surrounded by walls made of wood material, then reverberation Time should be adjusted smaller, in the name of free muffled speech; on the contrary, if the room hung with velvet curtains and other sound-absorbing materials, the reverberation time in this room should be some large, so that the sound dry. In addition, the audience and the audience have a great amount of influence, because the audience's clothing is also a great absorption effect. Therefore, sound engineer, sound engineer can choose between 1 to 2 seconds a feeling appropriate reverberation time.
How to regulate the direct sound and reverberant components of proportion
Direct sound completely without reverberant output, you can not play to improve and beautify the role of sound, which is usually used only for the meeting to speak or recite the occasion. Appropriate to increase the proportion of reverberant components, help simulate natural reverberant sound, the sound full sounds, increase the audience, the public only three-dimensional scene. Fully reverberant without direct sound component output, will make the sound produce "staining" phenomenon, caused serious distortion, that is, like in the bathroom, the bath hears as vague, known within the row as "bathroom effect. " Therefore, in the absence of specific requirements of the situation, you can adjust the knob in the middle position, that is, the proportion of direct and reverberant sound component component is 1: 1, so that not only will not produce the sound distorted, and there will be a certain degree of reverb .
How to adjust the microphone volume and the proportion of good musical accompaniment between
A nice song, musical accompaniment should be 40%, 60% singing voice, if the singer sounds good, may be appropriate to reduce the weight of some musical accompaniment to highlight the singer's voice; if the singer of this song the melodies are not very familiar and easy to sing out of tune, different stories, in order to cover up these shortcomings, this time may be appropriate to increase the number of components of music accompaniment. However, the specific operation, should be careful not to over-adjust the microphone volume big, but not much higher than the accompanying music concert volume. The results appear accompaniment sound is too weak, most of the time only to hear the singer's voice, like a man in there cappella lost karaoke OK atmosphere; but do not let accompanying sound too strong, sound too, will "drown "the singer's voice, sounds like just a band playing music, can not see the singer's taste.
How to regulate the accompaniment of music tone
Accompanying music is based on original singers voice and tone playing, it can not adapt to every singer noise conditions, such as the original singer's vocal range, some higher, some lower original singer singing sound area, in order to Let the music take care of the accompaniment to the noise characteristics of each singer, sound engineer, sound engineer to deal with the singer's voice characteristics are sensitive auditory responses. Concert, the first pitch control in the middle position, since no increase, nor decrease. The song begins, if the singer was raised together, it does not have to adjust; on the contrary, if they feel the bass singer sing it, or can not keep up the treble, tone adjustment can be transferred to the artist to adapt according to the actual situation Sound area.
Tuning is a strong artistic process operation, it needs to console those who have a good sense of music and understanding, usually need to have a higher musical training, on-site reactions have sensitive hearing, so out of tune voice talent It was accepted by the audience.