● voice rich, mellow, good singing, music HI-FI achieve results;
    ● Twin Reverb features that make wider sound field;
    ● own feedback inhibition, how to sing not whistle;
    ● Use Taiwan chip high-quality digital effects;
    ● LED blue screen, large knob transparent light blue cup, noble, simple, clear;
    ● You can set a password, define boot times;
    ● Use encoder control the overall volume of music and the human voice can be freely set the maximum volume;
    ● You can use five microphones, two front after three;
    ● 4 group audio input, automatic input signal search;
    ● with the flow, the midpoint voltage, overheating, unit protection, intelligent fan control wind speed.

     型号 KA-200 KA-300 KA400
     8Ω输出功率  200W ( 主通道 )  300W ( 主通道 )  400W ( 主通道 )
      4Ω输出功率   300W ( 主通道 )   400W ( 主通道 )   600W ( 主通道 )
     THE总谐波失真(1KH.-3dB.6-ohm)   20Hz~20kHz   20Hz~20kHz   20Hz~20kHz
     信噪比 20 Hz-20 kHz   80dB   80dB   80dB
     输入灵敏度   <0.007   <0.007   <0.007
     频率响应   170mv   160mv   260mv
     使用电压   15mv   15mv   15mv
     外观尺寸(宽×高×深) 540*510*230mm    540*510*230mm    540*510*230mm
     重量   16kg   19kg   23kg

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