SRH series of high performance output capability suitable for a wide range of indoor / outdoor sound environment, which makes application PUDON system has been further extended. SRH series has exceptionally flat and stable frequency response, dynamics and bandwidth, high SPL capability purification obvious and multiple voice performance, making SRH series the best choice for any type of far-field sound reinforcement. SRH series of high reducing sound effects and performance to the extreme, and always maintained a PUDON system concept's goal.
    Use: all kinds of large-scale indoor and outdoor stadium venues... Conference Room Theatre Performance Hall concert hall and other venues to use!
    Frequency range: 50Hz-19KHz
    Radiation angle: 90H * 60V
    Sensitivity: 102dB
    Nominal Impedance: 4ohms
    Rated power: 1200W
    Woofer: 18 "* 1
    Efficient midrange unit: 10 "* 1
    Tweeter: 3 "compression driver
    Volume: 650 * 690 * 1200 (mm)
    Weight: 78kg

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