PS Classics Series speakers are specially designed for fixed installation, their designs are widely used with small and medium sized venue sound reinforcement requirements, lightweight form factor, high-frequency sound clean and crisp, with strong directional characteristics, from simple Club Cafe to complex sound design, can achieve the best results.
    Use: all kinds of large indoor. Outside venues. Conference room school. Performance Hall. KTV room. Bar, stage foldback. Monitor and other venues to use!
    Type: 15 "two-way high performance full-range speaker
    Frequency range: 50Hz-18KHz
    Radiation angle: (50 ~ 100) H * 90V
    Sensitivity: 98dB
    Nominal Impedance: 8ohms
    Rated power: 400W
    Woofer: 15 "* 1
    Tweeter: compression driver
    Volume: 43 * 375 * 680 (mm)
    Weight: 42kg
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